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The Unseen Beauty / Skrivena lepota

„The Unseen Beauty“ is a photo book devoted to stars of the The National Theatre in Belgrade. This project provided a unique opportunity to see the unseen: the backstage, rehearsals, the life of the theatre during the 2011 season, and I am glad to share this beauty with you. The work was a pure joy and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work on such precious material. This book is a gift to the National Theatre. And I would like to thank my Production Team, the National Theatre in Belgrade and the Telenor Foundation for making it happen.

The Ballet The Drama The Opera The Orchestra Behind the Scene The Theatre
Production Team
Photographer/Author: Dina Johnsen
Producers: Milorad Jovanović, Brana Kostić
Creative Director: Milan Radovanović
Style: Nenad Janjatović, Katarina Grčić-Nikolić
Make-up: Dragan Vurdelja, Brana Kostić, Maja Radaković, Ljubica Mirković
Hair: Dusko Kukobat
Props: Miras Vuksanović
Art Director: Vladan Radovanović
Retouching: Jovana Stojadinovic