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The Belgrade Book Gallery

The Belgrade Book: 40 Serbian celebrities in the photo monograph devoted to the City of Belgrade

The Belgrade Book is a 180 pages luxurious photo monograph devoted to the city of Belgrade. It is the first photo book in the history of the city that presents Belgrade in the style of glamour photography. It is a combination of portraits of the most renowned Serbian celebrities and poetic photo-stories about the city. People around the world don’t really have an idea about Belgrade. I enjoyed living here for more than 3 years, discovering this city and falling in love with it because of its wonderful people. My photo book tells what Belgrade is today: the most talented people of Serbia talk about their city and their way of life.
I would like to thank my entire team and our contributors. I would also like to thank the City of Belgrade and Mayor of Belgrade Dragan Djilas for the invaluable support in the realization of this project.